Other Display Features


Sidebar Navigation


Sidebar navigation offers a means of providing easily visible links to other pages of your site, without relying on the dropdown menus in the primary navigation. An example is featured on this page.


Embedded iframe


The embedded iframe enables access to content which can be developed independently and hosted elsewhere. In this instance it allows presentation of map content. This interactive map shows details of the plays performed in London in the period 1567-1642, and allows direct links to digital assets hosted in Quartex.

A-Z Listing


An in-built Quartex content block allows easy display of, and navigation to, alphabeticised content, such as glossaries or lists of prominent figures. This example was developed to show some key figures in China's trading history with the West.

Search Categories


This feature presents another means of accessing content uploaded to Quartex. It can be added to any page and allows a simple browse and search facility across select controlled vocabularies. In the example featured below, from Adam Matthew's own Mass Observation Project collection, it allows searches to be filtered by multiple vocabulary terms. In this instance a researcher is looking for references to diplomatic relations following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.